Am I able to cut down my dried florals?

Of course!! You will likely have to adjust the height in order for the flowers to fit properly in your vase! Some of the stems can be difficult to cut so we recommend using some more heavy duty floral shears!

My pampas are shedding! Is that normal? What can I do to keep this from happening?

Pampas are a natural product and therefore shedding is totally normal! If you want to stop the shedding you can spray the florals with hairspray!

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Your order should take about 3-5 business days to arrive if you are in Canada and 10-14 business days if you are in the US. We will include a tracking number for your order so you can check on the status.

There are some browning spots on my ruscus - are they going bad?

Ruscus are a natural product so therefore some browning during the drying process is very normal!

Are dried florals safe around my pets?

Please keep any of your dried florals away from pets. It is very dangerous for dogs or cats to consume dried grasses!

What are your delivery options?

We offer delivery throughout Canada for a flat rate of $15 and delivery to the US for a flat rate of $30. Local delivery in midtown Toronto is $10. All orders will be fulfilled within 2-4 business days. 

Can I pick up my order?

Absolutely! Orders can be picked up in midtown Toronto for free. The nearest main intersection is Bathurst Street & Glencairn Avenue. Orders will typically be ready for pickup within 1-2 business days. You will receive an email when your order is ready for pickup. Please bring your confirmation email when you pick up. 

Are vases included?

Vases are not included! However, we are working on bringing some amazing vases to the site for purchase. If you do want a vase, send us an email to shopthedriedbar@gmail.com or DM us and we'll try to help!